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Mixed herbs plant In 9cm Pots ideal for the UK climate

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  • Growers Selection Depending On Time Of Year And What Is Looking Best At Time Of Order.

  • Eventual Height


  • Pot Size

    9 cm

  • Season of Interest

    Flowering: spring - summer

  • Light Required

    Full sun

  • Watering

    Moderate watering

  • Best Growing Conditions

    It will thrive in a warm, sunny position in well drained soil.

There are many good reasons to have a selection of herbs in your home

  1. Culinary use: Herbs are a great way to add flavor and depth to your cooking. Having a few basic herbs on hand can make a huge difference in the quality of your meals.
  2. Medicinal use: Many herbs have medicinal properties and can be used to treat common ailments like headaches, stomach upset, and colds. Having a few basic herbs on hand can be a convenient way to deal with minor health issues.
  3. Aromatherapy: The scents of herbs can be very relaxing and can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Burning herbs or using them in a diffuser can create a pleasant and calming atmosphere in your home.
  4. Cost-effective: Buying herbs in bulk and using them in your cooking or for medicinal purposes can be much more cost-effective than buying pre-packaged herbs or medications.
  5. Easy to grow: Many herbs are easy to grow and can be grown indoors or outdoors. Growing your own herbs can be a fun and rewarding hobby, and can provide you with a fresh supply of herbs all year round.
  6. Sustainability: Growing your own herbs or buying them from local sources can be a more sustainable choice than buying herbs that have been shipped from far away. By supporting local growers and reducing your carbon footprint, you can make a positive impact on the environment.

Culinary herbs

Culinary herbs are herbs that are used in cooking to enhance the flavor and aroma of dishes. They are typically fresh or dried leaves, flowers, or stems of various plants, and can be used in a variety of cuisines.

Some common culinary herbs include:

  1. Basil: A sweet and aromatic herb that is commonly used in Italian and Mediterranean cooking.
  2. Thyme: A versatile herb with a subtle, earthy flavor that is commonly used in soups, stews, and roasted meats.
  3. Rosemary: A fragrant herb with a pine-like flavor that is often used in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, especially with roasted meats and vegetables.
  4. Sage: A herb with a slightly bitter, earthy flavor that is often used in stuffing, sauces, and as a seasoning for meat dishes.
  5. Oregano: A pungent herb with a slightly bitter flavor that is commonly used in Italian, Greek, and Mexican cuisine.
  6. Parsley: A mild herb with a fresh, slightly bitter flavor that is often used as a garnish or to add flavor to sauces, soups, and salads.
  7. Cilantro: A pungent herb with a fresh, citrusy flavor that is commonly used in Mexican, Latin American, and Asian cuisine.

These are just a few examples of the many culinary herbs available, and each herb has its own unique flavor profile that can be used to add depth and complexity to your cooking.

Something interesting

One interesting fact about aromatic herbs is that they have been used for thousands of years for their medicinal properties, as well as for their ability to enhance the flavor and aroma of food. Many of the herbs we use today, such as basil, thyme, and rosemary, were also used by ancient civilizations such as the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians for their medicinal properties.

Another interesting fact is that the essential oils in aromatic herbs are what give them their distinctive aroma and flavor. These oils are made up of volatile compounds that are released when the herbs are crushed or heated. It is these compounds that are responsible for the therapeutic benefits of aromatic herbs, as well as their ability to add flavor and aroma to food.

Finally, some aromatic herbs have also been used in traditional spiritual and religious practices. For example, sage has been used by Native American cultures in purification rituals, while frankincense and myrrh have been used in religious ceremonies in various cultures throughout history.

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