Aglaonema Light Star


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Chinese Evergreen Indoor Plant

  • GREAT FOR BEGINNERS - Beginners will easily be able to wrap their head around the care process for the Aglaonema Light Star. They will also be able to appreciate the sheer beauty of the plant when placed within their home, office or other indoor space.
  • AIR PURIFYING - The air-purifying qualities the plant has will benefit all that lives around the plant for a sustained period of time. The plant will remove harmful pollutants and unwanted toxins from the air, giving the room a newly found cleanliness.
  • STUNNING FOLIAGE - This plant is yet another indoor plant with tremendously clean and fresh looking foliage. The evergreen leaves of mint and dark green colouring make the plant very attractive on the eye, and one that will be the envy of all who see it.

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  • Eventual Height

    25-35cm in Height

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