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Indoor Plant in 12cm Pot

  • The Azalea Simsii is a shrub grown specifically for indoor conditions and can reach heights of 2 metres. It has leathery leaves with small bristly hairs along the leaf edge.
  • It's flowers are grown in small clusters of two to five heads opening to 4-5cm across and the open blooms can last for several weeks.
  • The plant will be chosen at random from the five colours available on the main photo of our listing.

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  • Eventual Height

    2 metres

  • Pot Size

    12 cm

  • Season of Interest

    Spring, Summer, Autumn

  • Light Required

    Azalea Simsii grow best in bright indirect sunlight and frost free conditions.

  • Watering

    Water your plant regularly during the growing season and always keep the soil evenly moist but never allow your plant to sit in water. You can allow the top 1 inch of soil to dry out between each watering. During the winter months, water sparingly.

  • Best Growing Conditions

    This plant is perfect for a cool porch, north facing window, or conservatory.

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