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Oriental Fukien Tea Tree in 12cm Ceramic Pot inc Drip Tray

  • The Carmona microphylla also known as the Fukien Tea Tree or Oriental Tea Tree is a simple & elegant flowering bonsai ideal for growing indoors. This bonsai has pretty white flowers during the Summer months and has lovely green, shiny, waxy foliage. The leaves are unusually shaped and grow in neat clusters allowing the flowers and branch structure to be highly visible.
  • The Fukien Tea tree is native to parts of Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Australia, but its name comes from its place of origin Fukien or Fujian in China. Bonsai in general symbolise peace, harmony, order of thoughts and balance but the Carmona with its beautiful white flowers, symbolises courage as well as love and devotion.

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  • Eventual Height

    Will vary depending on pruning and styling

  • Pot Size


  • Season of Interest

    All year round

  • Light Required

    Position your bonsai with good daylight but avoid very hot positions in mid-Summer as this can scorch the leaves.

  • Watering

    Watering is important when growing bonsai. Touch the soil surface and if the soil is barely damp to the touch please soak the soil. The best way for watering is from the bottom up method. Although not essential, misting the leaves of indoor bonsai helps maintain the humidity. This is actually more important during Winter months, when the air is dried out by the central heating. Misting should be in addition to checking the soil for water.

  • Best Growing Conditions

    This variety of bonsai is easy to care for, but does not like cold or draughty environments. It prefers a warm position in the home or in an office and likes an even temperature without huge fluctuations. A warm living room or kitchen is ideal.

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