Climbing Ivy Plant ‘Glacier’


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Hardy evergreen climbing plant

  • COVER WALLS AND FENCES - It can be used to cover shady walls and trained to climb up or spread out along a low wall.
  • EVERGREEN - Being evergreen, Hedera helix is perfect for covering pergola poles, or creating a leafy backdrop beneath clematis and climbing rose.
  • ORNAMENTAL - Hedera helix ‘Glacier’ is a particularly ornamental ivy, bearing small, three to five-lobed, grey-green leaves with silver-grey and cream markings.

  • Eventual Height

    Can grow up to 2 m in the right conditions.

  • Pot Size

    9 cm

  • Season of Interest

    Flowering: autumn

  • Light Required

    Full sun

  • Watering

    Moderate watering

  • Best Growing Conditions

    It forms a cool, green cover on walls or ground but is also wonderful in containers/ baskets, or draping over walls, and complements other plantings. In warm weather the yellow can change to a creamy white colour. A full sun, part shade to full shade lover, it is best grown in fertile, medium moisture, well-drained soils. This plant is not fussy about soils and tolerates a wide range of conditions.

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