Convolvulus Cneorum Plant


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Silverbush Shrub

  • Beautiful white umbrella flowers in spring. Amazing evergreen colour - Silver in colour all year.
  • Also known as Shrubby or Silvery Bindweed, it prefers well-drained soil with low fertility, and a sheltered spot in full sun.
  • Is drought resistant when planted in the ground and it is suitable for gravel, rock and Mediterranean-style gardens, as well as mixed borders and city courtyards.

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  • Eventual Height

    Can grow up to 1 m in the right conditions.

  • Pot Size

    9 cm

  • Season of Interest

    Flowering: spring - summer

  • Light Required

    Full sun

  • Watering

    Water well in summer if grown in a container, but keep it drier over winter.

  • Best Growing Conditions

    It can be trimmed lightly to maintain shape after flowering 10 years to reach maturity.

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