Ficus Benjamina Babilatos On A Braided Stem


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Plant in 12cm Pot.

  • Ficus Benjamina Babilatos On A Braided Stem - 12cm Pots - Amazing Indoor Plant Gift
  • Weeping Figs have loose hanging branches of glossy, narrow-pointed, oval leaves. Ficus benjamina is probably the most popular and well known species of Ficus.
  • Ficus benjamina Babilatos is a graceful Weeping Fig with rich, dark green leaves. It is perfect for a corner in the home or office.
  • Part of the ornamental fig family, it has been adorning our homes since the Victorian times, but is just as popular now in a contemporary space as it was back then.

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  • Eventual Height

    Ultimate indoor height 2m. Moderate to fast growing depending upon conditions

  • Pot Size


  • Season of Interest

    All year round.

  • Light Required

    Ficus benjamina Babilatos prefers bright, indirect light but can tolerate some light shade. Direct sunlight may scorch the leaves.

  • Watering

    Water when the soil starts to become slightly dry at the top. Keep the soil moist at all times, but do not over water as this will cause leaf drop.

  • Best Growing Conditions

    It doesn't have many needs - as long as you find a bright spot away from direct sunlight, not close to a heat source like a radiator and away from any draughts, it will usually be happy. Once it has the right place try not to move it as they don't like being moved around. Water with tepid water when the soil is just starting to dry out on the surface, but don't let it dry out completely. During the winter you can reduce the watering. Mist the leaves in the summer months, and feed with a liquid fertiliser during the growing season.

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