‘Green Goodness’ Peat Free Compost (40L Bag)


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Produced Environmentally Friendly by Caledonian Horticulture

Caledonian Horticulture is a Scottish based company producing high quality environmentally friendly peat free compost. Their compost is made entirely from composted green and woody material and is BSI PAS 100 certified and is regarded as a product, not waste by SEPA. PSA (Publically Available Specification for Composted Materials) is a widely recognised standard within the organics recycling sector. As a company we send our recyclable waste to Caledonian Horticulture helping to reduce our environmental footprint.

  • Green Goodness can be used for planting shrubs, bulbs and herbaceous plants and can also be used as a soil improver. It is also ideal for turf top dressing and establishment as well as plant mulch.
  • The benefits from using Green Goodness compost is enhanced soil texture and moisture retention. Improved plant survival and growth, and increased levels of nutrients and organic matter, which helps reduce fertilizer requirements.

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    40 Litre Bag

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