Grevillea Canberra Gem


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Spider Flower Plant in a 9cm Pot - Deep Pink Flowers from Late Winter to Late Summer

  • POSITION: This plant likes to be grown in sheltered areas but with full sunlight. It can be East, South or West facing.
  • CARE: Requires minimal pruning, can prune any wayward or crossing branches to help keep a nice shape.
  • SOIL: The Grevillea Canberra Gem is ideal for borders and beds or in wall sided borders in acid to neutral well drained soil.
  • WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE: An evergreen shrub that produces lovely clusters of deep pink flowers from late Winter to late Summer.

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  • Eventual Height

    2.5–4 metres

  • Pot Size

    9 cm

  • Season of Interest

    Flowering in Spring, Summer and Winter

  • Light Required

    Full sun is best for these plants, although they can tolerate part shade. If planted in too much shade, grevilleas will become leggy and spindly.

  • Watering

    They are drought tolerant once established but will benefit from being watered during dry spells. Watering of grevilleas needs to be done with care because over-watering can kill them just as fast as under-watering. Avoid over-watering by only watering every 2 weeks during the summer months and 1 week in winter.

  • Best Growing Conditions

    Grow your plant in a well-draining soil that is on the acidic side. Grevillea plants need full or part sun, depending on the specific type of plant. Grevilleas grow best in slightly acidic soil. Prune off any dead branches throughout the year. You can fertilize grevilleas once or twice a year in the spring and fall to give them an extra boost of nutrients.

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