Growth Technology – Carnivorous Plant Focus Repotting Mix


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Repotting Mix for Carnivorous Plants by Growth Technology is a specially crafted compost that yields excellent results for a diverse range of carnivorous plants. This blend of peat and sand is engineered to support robust growth without the addition of nutrients, mirroring the natural environment of wetland soils. It is recommended to repot carnivorous plants annually or whenever the current compost deteriorates. For optimal outcomes, repotting should be done at the onset of spring, just as new growth begins. Details:

  • 3-liter package
  • Ideal for all common carnivorous plants
  • High capacity for moisture retention
  • Minimal mineral nutrients
  • Encourages vigorous growth
  • Well-draining and loosely textured to enhance root development
  • Mimics natural wetland soil conditions
  • Composed of select peats and fine sand
Compost Care Advice:
  • Handle with care, wear gloves, and wash hands post-use
  • Use in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling dust
  • Ensure the bag is sealed after use and stored in a cool, dry place
  • Water regularly

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