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Lithodora Diffusa in 13cm Pot - Outdoor Flowering Plant

  • Add a pop of color to your garden with the beautiful lithodora plant! With its stunning blue flowers and evergreen foliage, this plant is sure to catch the eye and make a statement.
  • Our lithodora plants are carefully grown and tended to ensure that you receive only the healthiest and most vibrant specimens. Whether you're planting them as groundcover, edging, or in containers, these plants will thrive and bring joy to your garden for years to come.
  • Lithodora plants are easy to care for and require minimal maintenance, making them a great choice for both experienced and novice gardeners alike. Plus, their drought-tolerant nature means that they can thrive in a variety of growing conditions.
  • Lithodora, also known as blue star creeper, is a stunning evergreen groundcover that adds a vibrant splash of color to any garden. With its beautiful blue flowers, this drought-tolerant plant is perfect for rock gardens, alpine settings, and as an edging plant. And the best part? Lithodora is a low-maintenance plant that is easy to care for, making it an excellent choice for both experienced and novice gardeners alike. So why wait? Bring some beauty and color to your garden with a lithodora plant today!

  • Eventual Height

    Can grow up to 50 cm in the right conditions.

  • Pot Size

    13 cm

  • Season of Interest

    Spring - Summer

  • Light Required

    Full sun

  • Watering

    Ligth watering

  • Best Growing Conditions

    Excellent for an open, sunny position with an acidic soil in a rock garden or raised bed. Propagate by semi-hardwood cuttings. Time to ultimate height 5 to 10 years.

Why lithodora for my garden?

Lithodora is a great choice for your garden for a number of reasons. Firstly, its stunning blue flowers and evergreen foliage make it a beautiful addition to any landscape, adding a pop of color and visual interest. Secondly, lithodora is a drought-tolerant plant, meaning that it can thrive in dry and challenging growing conditions. This makes it an ideal choice for gardeners who want a low-maintenance plant that requires minimal watering and attention. Additionally, lithodora is a versatile plant that can be used as groundcover, edging, or in rock gardens and alpine settings. So no matter what type of garden you have, there is likely a place for a lithodora plant in it. Overall, lithodora is a great choice for anyone looking to add a beautiful, low-maintenance, and drought-tolerant plant to their garden.


Lithodora is known for its striking blue flowers that bloom in late spring to early summer. The flowers are small and bell-shaped, and they grow in clusters along the stems of the plant. The blue color of the flowers is intense and vibrant, making lithodora a standout in any garden. In addition to their beauty, lithodora flowers are also attractive to pollinators such as bees and butterflies, making them a great choice for anyone interested in supporting local wildlife. Overall, lithodora’s beautiful blue flowers are a key feature of this stunning plant and are sure to delight any gardener or admirer.

Something interesting about lithodora

One interesting fact about Lithodora is that it is actually a member of the forget-me-not family (Boraginaceae), which also includes other well-known garden plants like borage and heliotrope. Additionally, the name “lithodora” comes from the Greek words “lithos,” meaning stone, and “doron,” meaning gift, referring to the plant’s ability to grow well in rocky or stony soils. Another interesting feature of lithodora is that it is sometimes referred to as “gromwell,” a name that comes from the plant’s use in the Middle Ages as a dye plant for coloring wool. Overall, lithodora is a fascinating and beautiful plant with a rich history and interesting characteristics.

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