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Heavenly Bamboo - Evergreen Shrub

  • Nandina domestica is a stunning evergreen shrub that has lovely eye-catching variegated foliage in shades of pink, green and white. In Summer clusters of small star-shaped white flowers appear above the bamboo-like leaves. In Autumn, these turn a fabulous shade of red.
  • This dwarf form of heavenly bamboo likes to grow in moist, well draining soil in a sunny position and is perfect where border space is limited.

  • Eventual Height

    It will grow to a height of 1.5m and spread to 1m.

  • Pot Size

    9 cm

  • Season of Interest

    All year round

  • Light Required

    Full sun

  • Watering

    Moderate watering

  • Best Growing Conditions

    As the temperatures drop the foliage colour of the heavenly bamboo will intensify from a combination of brilliant yellow, orange and reddish leaves to deep claret.

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