EasyFix Christmas Tree Stand Metal And Plastic Stands


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Real Christmas Tree Stand Metal And Plastic Stands - Up to 2.5m Trees

  • These bright, bold and highly functional Christmas tree stands are a true classic: Each comes with a generous 2-litre water capacity and a central pin for holding drilled-in trees firmly in place.
  • Easyfix stands are a durable and easy way to erect your tree without faff. The basin allows for easy watering of your tree.
  • The larger version of the Easyfix Junior, these functional, subtle-looking stands are now a mainstay of the festive season. Each comes with a pin in the centre for securing your tree firmly in place without hassle.
  • The base of your tree will be pre-drilled and these stands will easily twist clockwise into the base of your tree.
  • Tree food included.


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