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Bi-Coloured Semi Double Rose Bush in 3 Litre Pot

  • The Mundi is an award winning rose receiving an RHS Award of Garden Merit. The origin of this rose is not known but it's thought to have been around since the 12th Century.
  • This rose has a small compact bushy habit with greyish-green leaves. It has highly fragrant, semi-double blooms featuring splashes of pink and white on a crimson background.
  • PLEASE NOTE - Rose bush may not be in flower at time of dispatch. All of our roses bushes are cut back from OCTOBER - MARCH every year to help maintain a strong plant.

  • Eventual Height

    The Mundi rose will grow to a height of 0.5–1 metres with a spread of 0.5–1 metres.

  • Pot Size

    3 Litre

  • Season of Interest

    This plant will flower in Summer and Autumn and will have follage in Spring, Summer and Autumn.

  • Light Required

    Plant in full sun, but will tolerate other aspects too

  • Watering

    Keep your rose moist but well–drained. A good tip is to avoid watering your rose bushes during the heat of the day. Try to get in the habit of watering them first thing in the morning before the sun gets too high.

  • Best Growing Conditions

    Plant in a sunny spot, which gets at least four hours of sunlight a day. Avoid very exposed, windy sites and allow enough space around the plant – about 60cm (2ft) – so it doesn’t have to compete for water and light. It is best not to plant roses where other roses have grown previously.

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