Tradescantia zebrina – ‘Wandering Jew’


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Indoor Plant in 10cm Pot

  • Tradescantia Zebrina is a fast growing plant that is admired for its bold coloured leaves and vining growth.
  • To care for your plant it's best to put it in bright, indirect light.
  • A bathroom or kitchen is the best place for the Tradescantia Zebrina because it likes a humid environment.

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  • Season of Interest

    All seasons

  • Light Required

    Full Sun to Partial Shade

  • Watering

    The Tradescantia zebrina prefer a fairly evenly moist soil. These plants are particularly sensitive to extremes when it comes to soil moisture. Water after the top inch or so goes dry.

  • Best Growing Conditions

    Position the Tradescantia in a warm room, away from cold draughts and radiators, with an average temperature of 18C (65F) - 27C (80F). For the best leaf colour, choose a bright position in good light, but away from the glare of direct sun.

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