Westland – House Plant Potting Compost – 2 x 10 Litre Bags


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Peat Free Compost for Indoor Plants - Promotes Healthy Root Growth

  • This houseplant repotting mix is peat free and free draining to promote healthy root growth and prevents overwatering - giving you healthier, happier plants! The added zinc complex promotes more root growth, faster re-potting establishment and also boosts plant resilience. This peat free soil is also enriched with perlite that helps create the perfect balance of airflow and drainage for healthy root development.
  • This house plant potting mix has been enriched with SERAMIS. These granules absorb water and nutrients and slowly release the water and nutrients - keeping your plants hydrated and nourished.
  • This potting mix is best reworked between your hands to reconstitute before use. It is suitable for lots of house plants including Peace Lilies, Spider Plants, Swiss Cheese Plants, Calatheas, Pothos, Ferns and many more. Please note it is not to be used with ericaceous plants.

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  • Season of Interest

    All Year Round

  • Best Growing Conditions

    Store in a cool dry place

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