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Japanese Evergreen Shrub

  • Striking two tone flower colour going between orange and red - RARE Plant.
  • Evergreen colour and a tremendous splash of colour in Spring.
  • Perfect plant for patio pots and containers.

  • Eventual Height

    Can grow up to 70 cm in the right conditions.

  • Pot Size

    9 cm

  • Season of Interest

    Flowering: spring - summer

  • Light Required

    Full shade / Partial shade

  • Watering

    Water your Christmas cactus only when the soil gets dry to the touch. But during the flowering season, it is crucial to keep the soil evenly moist by misting it frequently.

  • Best Growing Conditions

    Thrives in moist, well drained, acid soil that has been enriched with plenty of well rotted organic matter. It needs to be sheltered from cold drying winds.

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