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Mini Citrus Fruit Tree - High Yiel

  • Grow fresh citrus fruit in the UK with these fantastic lemon and calamondin trees!
  • Your lemon tree will produce tasty fruit, rich in vitamin C to create your own freshly squeezed lemonade. Your calamondin tree will produce fruit that is a hybrid of a tangerine and kumquat. It's not recommend to be eaten on it's own but is perfect for producing preserves, and used in cooking. Fruit both of these plants can be frozen and be used as ice cubes in drinks.
  • To improve its growth and development, we advise you to transplant them into a larger pot, in a sunny and sheltered spot. This will ensure that you harvest fruit every year. In winter, protect them from frost by placing them in a greenhouse or indoors with good natural light.
  • You will receive one lemon and one calamondin tree, 25 cm in height in a 10cm pot.

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  • Eventual Height

    Up to 2m

  • Pot Size


  • Season of Interest

    All year round.

  • Light Required

    Full sun

  • Watering

    They do best in high humidity. In summer, water around once a week, using rainwater if possible.

  • Best Growing Conditions

    This citrus trees are best grown in warm and humid placess. They also prefer the humidity levels to be as close to 50% as possible. Young trees are particularly sensitive to cold conditions and they should be brought indoors if temperatures take an unexpected drop. Can be grown outdoors in summer throughout most of the UK while daytime temperatures are high enough to promote growth.

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