Fraser Fir Real Christmas Tree – Fresh Cut Christmas Tree (4ft – 8ft)

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Real Christmas Tree - Premium Fraser Fir - UK Grown

  • [GROWN IN UK] Our Fraser Fir Christmas trees have been grown in the UK, providing a tree that is suited to our climate, healthy, strong and compact.
  • [FRESHNESS] Each freshly cut Fraser fir tree is inspected at the farm to ensure it maintains its vibrant green colour and soft fragrance.
  • [NATURAL DECORATION] They can be used as Christmas decorations indoors and outdoors. They also look great sitting at the front door.
  • [SHAPE AND SIZE] As this is a natural product, each tree is individual and may show some variations in shape and height.
  • [SUSTAINABILITY] Through sustainable practices, our partner farms care for the trees and soil while preserving the countryside. You can feel good knowing your purchase supports local communities and environmentally-responsible growing methods.

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  • Christmas Tree Care

    A Fraser fir makes a beautiful Christmas tree and with proper care it will stay fresh and green through the holidays. When you first bring the tree home, cut about an inch off the bottom of the trunk to open up the stem and place it in a Christmas tree stand with water. Make sure the trunk end remains submerged in water at all times as a fresh cut Fraser fir tree can drink over a quart of water per day. Find a spot for the tree away from heat sources like fireplaces, radiators or heating vents which will dry out the tree faster. Check the water level daily and refill as needed. Lightly misting the tree with water every few days will also help keep it hydrated. With these simple care steps, your Fraser fir Christmas tree should stay lush and fragrant through Christmas day and beyond.

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