Pennisetum Cherry Sparkler


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Fountaingrasses (fountain grassess) - Ornamental Grass

  • UNIQUE FOLIAGE - A fantastic ornamental grass that produces colourful foliage, it will really live up to its name and create a real 'Firework' display of colourful foliage.
  • PATIO POTS OR BORDERS - The long-lasting foliage and pretty flowers make them a great addition to any garden border or patio container. It flowers from August - September. Its height 100 cm and spread 100cm.
  • CUT FLOWERS - The flowers can also be dried and used as cut flowers.

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  • Eventual Height

    0.5–1 metres

  • Pot Size

    9 cm

  • Season of Interest

    Flowering in Summer/Autumm Foliage all year round

  • Light Required

    These plants thrive in full sunshine. They prefer at least six to eight hours of sunlight a day. A bit of shade is acceptable, but too much shade can cause these grasses to take on a leggy, floppy appearance and they might not flower.

  • Watering

    Regular watering will keep any variety of Pennisetum grass happy. The species within this genus prefer moist conditions, so water when the top of the soil begins to feel dry. Aim to keep the soil consistently moist, but never soggy. Some varieties are drought tolerant and will not need as much watering.

  • Best Growing Conditions

    Once established, Pennisetum grasses do not require much maintenance. They are great choices for hot, sunny, humid areas and do well in containers. However, these eye-catching grasses can still be enjoyed outside of their growing zones if you’re willing to grow them as an annual. These plants enjoy moist, well-draining soils and are often drought-tolerant once established. They are not often bothered by pests or diseases and are generally rabbit and deer resistant. Besides yearly pruning and occasional watering, these grasses do not demand much attention.

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