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3 Indoor Plants in 6cm Pots - Ideal for Terrariums

  • Peperomia plants are compact tropical plants with fleshy leaves and ornamental foliage.
  • They make ideal houseplants and are perfect for terrariums or other live plant displays.
  • You will receive 3 plants in 6cm pots from the selection in our listing photo. The mix will be selected depending on the time of year and what is looking best at the time of purchase.

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  • Eventual Height

  • Pot Size

    6 cm

  • Season of Interest

    All of year round

  • Light Required

    They do not require a lot of sunlight and prefer to grow in partial shade, making bright indirect sunlight ideal. They can tolerate low light conditions but this can cause the foliage colours to be less vibrant.

  • Watering

    Peperomia like to be grown in well draining soil and require regular watering but it's important not to let the soil become soggy.

  • Best Growing Conditions

    It's best to allow the soil to be dry to the touch between watering.

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