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Tropical Indoor Plant

  • STUNNING FOLIAGE - A stunning architectural plant with deep green foliage and contrasting white strips. The older the plant gets, the more striking and unique stripes will appear on the leaves.
  • EASY TO CARE FOR - Compact with a neat, bushy habit – a fabulous and unique houseplant. Incredibly easy to care for, and low maintenance.
  • SEMI SHADE - These plants will be OK in semi-shade, although to stop the leaves from fading they would prefer a position in a bright room, just out of direct sun.
  • PLEASE NOTE - On this listing the decorative pot will not be included.

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  • Eventual Height

    Can grow to 45cm in the correct conditions.

  • Pot Size


  • Season of Interest

    Flower in summer.

  • Light Required

    Keep the soil moist and mist the leaves occasionally

  • Watering

    Keep the soil moist and mist the leaves occasionally

  • Best Growing Conditions

    "Your plant will be happy in a well-lit location. With most houseplants, it is best to avoid direct sunlight, as it can scorch their leaves. We believe that a little way back from a window in a bright room is optimum. The foliage of your plant may become a little dusty, so just wipe them down with a damp cloth occasionally (try not to come into direct contact with the plant)."

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