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Strelitzia Reginae Tropical Plant - Indoor Plant

  • FLOWERS - Free artificial flowering Strelitzia stem provided as plant does not produce these flowers in UK until around 4 - 6 years of growth.
  • INDOOR PLANT - Makes a stunning indoor plant and also a fantastic gift for loved ones.
  • EASY TO CARE FOR - The Strelitzia brightens up any space. This plant is very easy to care for.
  • WHAT YOU GET - You will receive a 30-40cm plant in a 12cm pot

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  • Eventual Height

    Can grow up to 1-1.5 metres in the right conditions.

  • Pot Size

    12 cm

  • Season of Interest

    All year round.

  • Light Required

    When grown as houseplants, give the brightest indirect light you can. Strelitzia need plenty of light and warmth to make flowers; a heated greenhouse or sunroom is the best option. Otherwise, choose a southern or western window and rotate it periodically so the entire plant gets the light.

  • Watering

    All species of Strelitzia require ample and continuous water to thrive but with good drainage. Proper watering is the most critical element of growing these plants successfully. Plants subjected to drought will experience leaf-browning, especially along the leaf margins. To protect your plant during the winter, use tepid water during watering. Ensure the soil dries out almost entirely between watering and then water immediately.

  • Best Growing Conditions

    The trick to successful growth indoors is bright light with direct sun, regular watering, and warmth. Feed the plant with compost early in spring before new growth begins and fertilize every week during the growing season. To increase survival rate, grow the plant in a container that can be moved outside in warm summer months and returned inside during the winter.

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