Water Lily – Nymphaea ‘Fabiola’


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Aquatic Marginal Pond Plant in 11cm Pot - Large White Flower - Ready to Plant

  • The Water Lily - Nymphaea 'Fabiola' formerly ‘Mrs Richmond’ - is a dramatic pond plant and is ideal for medium to larger ponds. It flowers during the Spring and Summer months of April to September.
  • This variety of water lily produces peony style flower heads. Each flower has pale pink outer petals, while the inner petals are deeper pinkish, nearing to red which creates a lovely contrast against the deep yellow centre. This water lily grows in water depths from 35-60 cm, with its flower head growing to 10-12 cm in width. Each leaf can grow anywhere between 20 and 24 cm in width.

  • Pot Size

    11 cm

  • Season of Interest


  • Light Required

    Full sun

  • Best Growing Conditions

    It is important to remember water lilies thrive in still water, so avoid planting them near a fountain or water pump.

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